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Gannett-Tripp Library Home: FAQs

GTL Home Page

GTL Building Hours and Information

Q.) What are library operating hours?

A.) Hours vary according to holidays and breaks: please see the calendar at Gannett-Tripp Library Home.

Q.) What departments are in the library and where are they located?                           Compass

A.) The Center for Academic and Professional Excellence - CAPE and IT

Q.) How do I reserve a room?  Can I reserve a study room?

A.) You can reserve a room through 25Live, but not study rooms.  Study rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Q.) Can I eat and drink in the library?Sandwich, Drink and Pizza Slice

A.) Yes!  Vending machines are available on the upper level.  Please be mindful of your space and clean up after yourself.


Q.) How do I find sources based on my research topic?

A.) Search Databases by Subject Book on Computer Screen  Ex, your Nursing professor wants you to search for an article in CINAHL, which can be found quickly on the “Nursing” subject page.

Q.) How can I search databases more efficiently?

A.) Many databases have tutorials available. Ex, you're researching current data on investing in mutual funds, so you'll go to the Finance subject page, and discover the database Morningstar Investment Research Center and watch the tutorial available.

Q.) What if the article or book I’m searching for isn’t available?

A.) Borrow the item through Interlibrary Loan.  Book with Wings

Q.) Can I research a database outside the library?

A.) Databases are accessible from on- or off-campus. From off-campus, you'll be asked to input your EC network credentials. See the Using Databases page for additional information.


IT-related Concerns: Account Access, Email, WiFi, Dual Verification, Password Issues, Printing from Personal Device

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Course Related

Q.) How do I order Textbooks? When and where will they arrive?Cup of Coffee on BooksA.) Order textbooks online through the College Store; you have the ability to track your textbooks through the delivery service you choose. They will arrive to your mailbox at the campus post office. 

Q.) Where do I direct questions about using Canvas?

A.) Refer to Canvas Student Guides.


For research help,  use one of the following options:

Ask the GTL

GTL Phone   General Information & Research Help Phone:  (607) 735-1862

E-mail Us!   Research Help Email:                    

     For help registering a device, password reset and more:  EC IT Resources and Services