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(Meier Hall framed by leafy oak branches in this photo by nursing student
Jordan Zimmerman '17)

Student Photography Show
A collection of black and white photographs printed in the darkroom by Elmira College students will be exhibited in the Gannett-Tripp Library lobby showcases through January 20, ushering in the first 2017 Arts Alive exhibition. On display is the work of student photographers: Anna Copp ’18, Erin Dix ’17, Kelly Dollarhide ’17, John Dusterwald ’19, Shelbi Edwards ’18, Steven Kline ’17, Renata Lizak ’17, Junko Natsume ’17, Brittany Stansfield ’18, William Talada ’19, Jordan Zimmerman ’17, Matthieu Francois ’18, Savannah Geer ’18, Daniel Haley ’17, Vicki Knarr ’19, Amber Wallach ’19, Matt Wilcox ’17, Autumn Wilson ’19, and Andrew Hamilton (Graduate Student).
The students photographed throughout the fall with traditional film cameras. They learned to process negatives and print their images in a traditional darkroom setting before mounting final prints for portfolio presentation. After finals week (December 19) their digital photography projects can be viewed along with the traditionally created images by accessing their individual websites at this link:

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