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How to Do Research: A Step-By-Step Guide: 2e. Videos & Images

How to do research


Projector with light reflecting on dust particles

Projector lens. Photo by Michael Porter; Creative Commons license on Flickr Commons.

Video Sharing Sites

Listed below are a few of the hundreds of online video sharing sites on the Internet.

Streaming Video Databases

The Library subscribes to several streaming video collections that offer instant access to quality, Web-based videos in a broad range of subject areas to enhance teaching and learning at the undergraduate and graduate course levels. Use these tools to find and view films, and to create video clips or customized playlists which can be viewed in classrooms and embed in presentations or on Canvas course pages. Each database includes simple instructions. Need help? Contact Marge Kappanadze at (607) 735-1867, or

Images in Databases

Here's a list of Library databases that contain images.

DVD Collections

See the DVD tab in the Resources guide for more information about the Library's DVD collection which is housed behind the Library Services Desk. The collection contains about 2800 titles, including documentary and popular feature films.