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Ordering Library Materials

Members of the full time faculty are invited to participate in the collection development activities of the Gannett-Tripp Library by suggesting items for purchase. This includes books and DVDs suitable for inclusion in the collections.

How much money is available?

Early in the term each faculty member will receive a notice of the funds available in his or her respective subject area as well as the name of the contact person in the GTL to whom questions and orders should be directed. This figure represents the total amount allocated for a subject, which means that the librarian assigned to the subject area will be selecting materials from these funds as will other of your departmental colleagues.

Are there other funds available for purchasing videos, software and other library materials?

All library materials in all formats, with the exception of Periodicals are purchased from these funds. There are no separate funds for purchase of DVDs, etc.

The library does not purchase software applications. Requests for these materials should be directed to Information Technology.

How do I suggest titles for purchase?

Orders may be placed by contacting Marge Kappanadze, (607) 735-1867. It is very helpful for us in expediting your orders to have such things as the publisher’s name, date of publication and particularly the ISBN or other unique identifying number. 

Is it all tight for me to buy materials for the collection and be reimbursed?

We have sources and suppliers that offer substantial discounts to libraries, therefore it is not the policy of the GTL to reimburse faculty for purchases made without prior approval. All items should be requested through the normal channels described above.

When something is ordered, when can I expect to have it available?

Items are cataloged in the order in which they are received and there can be a lag of several weeks between ordering and availability. Please plan accordingly and let us know of any unusual circumstances. Items can be moved through the process more quickly when there is a demonstrated need.

How will I know when my item is available?

When an item has been received, cataloged, processed and is available for use, or in the event that an item is no longer available you will receive a message via email.

Questions on the status of an order should be directed to Marge Kappanadze, (607) 735-1867.

Periodical Requests

All requests for Periodical titles should be directed to Marge Kappanadze, (607) 735-1867. We are not increasing our collection of print periodicals and we will ask for your suggestions for a title in your subject area to be dropped for each new title added.